I have an evidence procedure that tells me I am living my dreams.

My evidence procedure is the color turquoise. When I sail on turquoise water and look at turquoise clouds, I know my sailing dreams have come true.

Clouds have a large color palette at sunrise and sunset, but during the day, clouds are almost always white or a shade of gray. That being said, a few places exist on planet earth where clouds assume a turquoise color.

Trade wind clouds sometimes reflect the turquoise color of the sea below, and the intensity of the color is proportional to the amount of turquoise in the water and the height of the clouds. Lower clouds will reflect the turquoise color more strongly than higher clouds.

Turquoise clouds are visible for many miles, and they are signpost in the sky that points me in the direction of my dreams.

In full daylight, clouds are brilliant white, but as clouds become taller, the base of the clouds receive less light and the bottom of the clouds turn a shade of gray.

The same thing happens at sunset. The brilliant pink and orange sky quickly fades into gray.

At sunrise, it happens again, but in reverse. Dark grey becomes light grey until a beautiful sunrise bursts forth in spectacular color.

The thicker the clouds, the less sunlight that reaches the bottom of the clouds, and the darker the gray becomes.

When storm clouds totally obsure the sun, the sky turns dark, and clouds assume a nearly black appearance. The clouds essentially create a localized solar eclipse.

Black clouds are bad news. Nothing good comes from black roll clouds.

Turquoise clouds are good news.

Turquoise means I am now a shallow water sailor enjoying paradise.

This photograph shows the faint outline of Long Island in the Bahamas. Long Island is nearly flat and from ten miles away I can see that turquoise paradise lies directly ahead. The sky tells me what the water is like on the north end of the island.

The sky and clouds on the right side of the picture demonstrate the turquoise color. On the right half of the picture, turquoise water paints the clouds and sky with a turquoise brush. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

When I explore Water World, turquoise clouds tip me off that shallow water lies ahead, and I will have to pay close attention to where I am sailing to stay out of harm's way.

The rules of engagement are different when sailing in turquoise water. You aren't a blue water sailor any longer. You are now a shallow water sailor living in a turquoise world.

When deep draft boats enter turquoise water, they frequently run aground.

Shallow draft yachts come into their own as they carefully pick their way through thin water enjoying the turquoise splendor in both the sea and the sky.

I sailed all the way around the world before I saw my first turquoise clouds in the Bahamas.

It's curious I didn't notice turquoise clouds in French Polynesia. The turquoise waters of the Tuamotos and Bora Bora surely must have painted the clouds with a turquoise brush, but I have no recollection of turquoise clouds anywhere except the Bahamas.

Christorpher Colombus must have been suprised when he saw turquoise clouds the first time. After thousands of miles of blue water sailing, suddenly turquoise clouds appeared on the horizon. I am sure he saw the turquoise color long before he shouted "Land Ho". When Columbus discovered the new world, his first words were probably "Turquoise Ho".

Turquoise clouds give you the ability to read the water ahead long before you arrive.

Turquoise clouds have a tale to tell, and if you listen to the message, you will survive your shallow water adventures.

Turquoise truly is the color of my dreams.

Captain Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





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Patreon - Maxing Out

Captain Dave and his family spent eleven years sailing around the world on their Privilege 39 catamaran, Exit Only. During the trip, the crew shot 200 hours of video with professional cameras to show people what it's like to sail on a small boat around the world.

The Red Sea Chronicles is a one hour and twenty-two minute feature film showing their adventures as Exit Only sails through Pirate Alley in the Gulf of Aden and up the Red Sea. The professional footage documents their experiences in Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, and the Suez Canal. It chronicles the rigors of traveling in a remote section of the world rarely visited by cruisers. Exit Only dodges Yemeni pirates, fights a gale and sand storms in the Bab al Mandeb at the southern entrance to the Red Sea. The crew explores deserted islands on the western shores of the Red Sea, and learns to check the cruising guides for land mines before venturing ashore.

The Red Sea Chronicles also has outstanding Special Features including an Instructional Video on Storm Management that tells sailors how to deal with storms at sea.

And don't forget the two Music Videos: "The Red Sea Blues", and "Captain - Save Our Souls".

The Red Sea Chronicles is a first class adventure that stokes the sailing dreams of both experienced and wannabe sailors alike.

Red Sea Chronicles

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