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Many years ago before I was ready to set out on my sailing voyage around the world, I was on the Chesapeake bay eating at a crab shack overlooking the water.

A short distance from us out in the bay, a massive black roll cloud scudded across the bay. The evil looking cloud brought strong winds, lightning, and thunder in its wake.

I remember a feeling of fear that welled up in my heart and mind as the roll cloud began its assault.

The problem was not the roll cloud.

The problem was that I was imagining what it would be like to be sailing offshore when a roll cloud came over the horizon. My secret dreams of doing a circumnavigation trembled in the presence of the roll cloud.

I still had not learned the lesson that nothing great is ever achieved without danger.

I also did not understand that I tended to overestimate the danger and underestimate my strength.

Many years later, and many roll clouds later, I actually sailed around the world on my own boat.

I rode to a parachute sea anchor in a winter storm north of New Zealand in my catamaran, I survived a global tsunami, and I sailed through pirate alley without a problem. I was a bit nervous and somewhat cautious, but I survived.

All of my greatest adventures have involved danger.

Sometimes it was only the danger of embarrassment.

At other times it was the danger of a serious complication while I was performing eye surgery.

Sometimes it was financial risk, and the danger of losing my freedom chips.

When I sailed offshore in storms, there was always a danger of being lost at sea.

Danger is what all of these events share in common.

Without danger, none of these things would have happened.

I still don’t like roll clouds, tsunamis, pirates, and storms at sea. They are simply the dues I pay to live my dreams.

When you live your dreams, you don’t need to look for danger, because danger will find you.

That’s how you know you are living your dreams.

Dr. Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





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