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When you sail offshore, you must sail with your eyes wide open.

After we checked out of Panama, we jumped on the Panama current and headed out into the Pacific Ocean toward the Galapagos islands which were more than 800 miles away.

Once you are hundreds of miles offshore, it’s important to maintain eternal vigilance because there are ships and more than a few islands offshore.

As the Panama current carried us west, we noticed a tiny dot appear on the western horizon. That dot turned out to be Malpelo Island.

If the truth be told, I had not looked at the chart that day, and I did not anticipate that we would soon be passing close by Malpelo Island.

This island is a nature preserve where people come from all over the world to do shark diving.

We didn’t know that Malpelo was a world class dive site. To us it looked like an evil lair for a criminal mastermind bent on world domination. We imagined that Malpelo was the sinister headquarters for a treacherous villain.

It turns out that Malpelo means “Bad Hair” in the Italian language. I suppose that if you collided with Malpelo on a moonless night, you would experience something significantly worse than a bad hair day.

The tiny dot on the horizon turned out to be much bigger than we anticipated. It was a potent reminder to keep watch day and night even when you are hundreds of miles offshore, because unlit islands and reefs could create an untimely end to the voyages of Exit Only.

There are hundreds of uninhabited islands in the ocean that do not display navigation lights, or the lights are out of commission from a lack of maintenance.

The most amazing thing about “Bad Hair” island is the presence of sharks.. Thousands of sharks.

If you like hammerhead sharks, diving here will fill your heart with joy. This is a big fish location, and one of best places on planet earth for shark dives.

All it would take to destroy Malpelo is a couple of Chinese fishing boats harvesting thousands of shark fins which would wipe out all the sharks.

It turns out that Malpelo in not an evil lair. It’s where shark divers go to get great pictures 310 miles off the coast of Colombia.

Dr. Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





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