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When we sailed for 21 days from Galapagos to Baja California, I did not understand that we had to sail through the Northeast Pacific Cauldron.

I have named this region the Cauldron because it generates a large number of cyclones (hurricanes) each year.

When we set out from the Galapagos, I didn’t know that we were entering the Cauldron. I only knew that we would have to spend five to seven days navigating through the doldrums (Intertropical Convergence Zone) during the voyage north.

I didn’t know that the Cauldron oscillates north and south during the year, and I didn’t know that it expanded and contracted on a daily basis. One day the Cauldron might be 400 miles wide and the next day it might be 600 miles wide, and it just might shift north with us as we sailed toward the Baja.

Nobody knows exactly why the Cauldron generates so many cyclones, but it’s clear that winds collide and converge there.

Zones of convergence experience lots of convection, and if the upper level winds are favorable, rotating storms get created in the cauldron.

The converging winds of the Cauldron come from many different directions.

The gap winds that blow across Mexico and Central America can be extremely fierce.

The gap winds are called gap winds because they blow across geographically defined gaps.

Gap winds occur in southern Mexico in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, and the Gap winds are referred to as Tehuantepecers.

Gap winds blow across Nicaragua in the area of Lake Nicaragua. Gap winds blow between the mountains of Costa Rica as well as across the Isthmus of Panama.

When the gap winds of Mexico and Central America enter the Northeastern Pacific, they mix with the Northeast and Southeast trade winds.

A strong North Pacific High pressure area with strong clockwise wind can stir the Cauldron even more.

I am now older and wiser, and I have no interest in sailing once again in the Cauldron. In some seasons it’s just unpleasant, and in the summer it’s downright dangerous.

Captain Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





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