Calmness comes in two types.

One type of calm comes in dealing with Mother Nature.

The other type of calm comes in dealing with people.

I don't know if it's just me, but calmness in dealing with Mother Nature is relatively easy.

Calmness in dealing with the human species is an entirely different matter.

Why is this?

Mother Nature is neutral and obeys physical laws. Mother Nature is relatively predictable when you understand the physical laws that rule the seven seas.

Human nature is unpredictable, and at times it is malignant. Some people have an evil agenda, and when combined with no conscience, extremely bad things can happen.

I would rather face Mother Nature any day than deal with evil agendas.

Calm is my superpower when I deal with Mother Nature.

Calmness is much more difficult when sorting out human foibles. It's hard to remain calm when someone is trying to hurt you. Road rage abounds and malignant trolls thrive on human misery testing calmness to the limit.

Maybe that's why I like sailing so much. I don't have to deal with sick psyches and malignant individuals. They are back on shore where they belong, and I am offshore where it's just me and Mother Nature.

Sailing offshore is an aquatic casino in which the odds are stacked in your favor. You commune with the sea and skies that have no agenda, and if you pay attention to what Mother Nature is doing, things will probably turn out fine.

If a problem happens offshore, you understand that you put yourself in harm's way rather than harm coming your way to punish you with an evil agenda.

I am not a brave person, and I make up for my lack of courage with calmness. Calm is the superpower that insures my survival.

When I get in a storm at sea, I fell more irritation than fear. I do what I have to do and can do to keep Exit Only and the crew safe, secure in the knowledge that the odds are stacked in our favor.

While it's true that lightning, high winds, waves, and breaking seas are a threat to Exit Only, it's also true we deal with those challenges calmly.

If Mother Nature was malignant with an evil agenda, our sense of calm would rapidly evaporate into fear and terror.

Fortunately, good seamanship and a knowledge of weather means Exit Only will live to sail another day.

I am glad that Mother Nature is neutral and does not care. At least I have one area of my life where it's easy to remain calm.

That's all I have to say about that.

ADDENDUM: This picture is taken from the deck of Exit Only in the doldrums - monsoon trough - on the 2100 mile sail from Galapagos to Baja California.

We saw plenty of lightning from midnight to 3am for the week that we were in the doldrums. Fortunately, with the help of radar, two engines, and plenty of diesel fuel we remained out of harm's way.

We never lost our cool or our calm.

Captain Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





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